Some brands never recover from actions taken by their leadership, at least within one’s lifetime. When Twitter chose to allow Trump to destroy the truth and attack others in the name of the “public interest,” it forever tarnished its brand.

For years, Trump has used his Twitter bully pulpit as the lead vehicle for spreading propaganda, misleading the public with his spin on real-life situations and in many cases, violating the social network’s own terms of service on hate speech and violence. …

The United States may never recover from the warped use of propaganda by the Trump Administration. In many ways, Donald Trump is the modern equivalent of Nazi communications savant Joseph Goebbels, who used propaganda to trick Germans.

Eighty years later, Trump deployed a modern combination of reality TV and social media influencer tactics with reflexive control misinformation strategies to polarize the nation and seize power. His communications savvy consolidated power and literally built an alternative reality accepted by tens of millions of Americans.

Fortunately, Trump is pretty incompetent in every other way, causing him to lose the 2020 election and…

Dilapidated buildings in Cuba

Sometimes creating a path for the future requires reconciling the past. The passing of mother earlier this year and a series of life events (COVID included) has triggered such an exercise. The following four mistakes

These mistakes are ordered in a manner that hopefully provides a coherent and interesting read. If there is one take-away, consider Shakespeare’s famous line from Hamlet: “To thine own self be true.” If you let others become your career guide, you may lose your path.

1) The Sound of My Silence

Social media wrought a sea change in the journalism industry, changing form, delivery mechanism, and content style. To survive, many mastheads transformed into social media and digital outlets, creating new provocative content to foster engagement online and generate revenue. The end result has been polarizing, less factual, and in general, toxic for our society.

Many traditional print newspapers did not adapt in time and shuttered their doors, a process that continues to this day. Surviving mastheads adapted to the social format.

To do that, social network algorithms must be triggered to serve content, in turn causing content that’s engineered to…

Nothing is clear with social media challenges.

Social media finds itself mired with polarized communities filled with distrust, hate, troll armies, fake media, relentless stalkerish ads, and government tracking of conversations, to name a few things. How did this happen?

People fell for the promise of connections via conversations with their peers and to a lesser extent the brands we love. Adrenalized by new social recognition, communities formed and engaged with each other. News stories broke, change movements arose, and newfound relationships happened.

When web 2.0 was booming with blogs and Twitter and Facebook were taking the technology world by storm, words like authenticity, two-way dialogue, and…

Looking back at the past five years in marketing, perhaps the greatest mistake I have repeatedly made was simply coasting, going about each task the way I always have. Instead, I should have constantly sought out new tools that might help.

Machine learning advances in marketing technology have produced an app that can help or assist just about every task in my worklife. In essence, if you have a need, an AI-enabled app probably exists for that. …

Maci Peterson of On Second Thought, won the Women Startup Challenge Pitch Competition 2015, and received a check for $50,000 from Women Who Tech, presented by Allyson Kapin9 (right). Image: Kristin Johnson, Women Who Tech

Interviewing really bright people about their perspective of the business has to be my favorite part of writing a book. For Welcome to the Machine, I decided to reach out to Allyson Kapin, Co-Founder of Rad Campaign and Founder of Women Who Tech, to discuss how AI will impact social media marketing. Here are her answers to my questions.

GL: What value does AI offer the social media world?

AK: One of the biggest opportunities AI offers the social media world is that it can tailor content based on what people search, like, and purchase in real-time. …

The AI future is uncertain, but generally, I think it will improve life.

I was one of the 900+ futurists interviewed for The Pew Research study released yesterday, “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans.” Conducted with Elon University, the study revolved around AI and the 50th anniversary of the Internet.

The report asked three questions to find out if emerging algorithm-driven artificial intelligence (AI) continues to spread, will people be better off than they are today? Below are the exact questions asked, and my full answers. You can also see my cited quote on page 92 of the report.

PEW/ELON: Please sketch out a vision of how the human-machine/AI collaboration will function…

Geoff Livingston

Digital marketing pioneer, professor, consultant, and photographer.

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