No Brainer — A New AI Podcast for Marketers

The First 5 Episodes

Geoff Livingston
3 min readApr 30, 2023
The cover image for No Brainer Episode 5.

When ChatGPT took the content marketing world by storm this past winter, long-time social media buddy Greg Verdino began chatting about the daily AI news. We decided to start the No Brainer podcast to share our in-the-moment learnings with the larger marketing community.

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In just a short two and a half months, we’ve already covered a wide range of topics, from our most recent episode on Elon Musk’s entry into the AI race to ChatGPT selling cars. And we have joined the Marketing Podcast Network, too!

Here is a short recap of each of the first five No Brainer episodes.

Episode 1: ChatGPT Selling Cars, AI Shakeup Coming to PR

In the premier episode of No Brainer, we discussed the Fiat and Kia use cases for adopting ChatGPT for showroom and user support, respectively. They discuss what they like about each use case and touch on AI ethics.

Then we weighed a more narrow AI tool — — that has the potential to reshape media relations and challenge the typical PR agency’s model. Discussions included a long-term view on all agencies’ models and the need to move away from hourly billable rates as AI-augmented workflows aim to reduce the time it takes to get work done.

Episode 2: GPT-4, Salesforce and Hubspot. Oh My!

Episode 2 dived into OpenAI’s announcement of GPT-4. We also discussed industry-specific moves by Salesforce and HubSpot to bake GPT into their popular CRMs, then launched into a conversation about why CMOs need to take ownership of the decisions their organizations are making about how AI is woven into various communications workflows, and why organizations need guidelines for responsible AI.

Episode 3: Adobe, ChatGPT Plugins & Getting Strategic About AI

Adobe’s foray into the world of generative image-making with a proprietary model based on rights-cleared images prompted a healthy debate in Episode 3. We pondered how the market may shake out between Big Tech and a crowded AI startup scene. We also talked about ChatGPT PlugIns, which he sees as OpenAI’s ‘App Store Moment.’

Episode 4: AI Ethics — Humans Strike Back

In episode 4, we took a deep dive into AI ethics. With ChatGPT churning out fake news and Midjourney attempting to pump the brakes on deep fakes, companies, and countries began looking to rein in the use of generative AI. The conversation included essential elements for corporate responsible AI policy and some practical ways to keep AI from going off the rails.

Episode 5: You Can’t Spell Advertising Without A and I

In episode 5, we enjoyed a nice rant about “X” — Elon Musk’s entry into the generative AI race — just weeks after he signed the controversial “AI pause letter”. After debating “TruthGPT”, we switched switch gears to talk about the implications of AI in the ad world and how big advertising agencies are integrating generative AI into their creative workflows.

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